Artists exploiting traditional and contemporary
nomadic experience through new media

an initiative of SAPAR CONTEMPORARY GALLERY + Incubator
curated by Basak Senova

neo nomad project consists of series of multi-media exhibitions, screenings, and presentations that evolve around the notion of traditional and digital nomadism and aesthetics connected to nomadic experiences. The project explores the potential aspect of "nomadism" by taking the current conditions and realities of migration, globalization and hyper mobility.

neo nomad project focuses on artistic researches and projects in the same frequency and unpredictability. For accumulative production, more production drives more input. Therefore, the project is an attempt to build a network architecture, which enables jumps from one node to another by gathering content from diverse sources through artistic research and practice. Different realities of diverse locations, cases, positions and situations form the sources of this project. The project suggests an accumulative process, which concentrates on strong content and criticality in the research-based art works, conveyed through the use of advanced technologies.

neo nomad project site develops content in time by documenting all editions of the exhibitions, screenings, activities, presentations, concepts, and the development of the entire project.